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   아이디 비밀번호 회원가입 비번찾기 자동

  •  1969,  got born in Kyongsang-bukdo Gumi.
     majored oil painting of college of fine arts in the Keimyung University.
     completed national conservatory Repin academy in Russia St.Petersburg.
  •  had private exhibition of 3 times  from 2000to 2002 in GUMI culture art hall gallery.
     had wind traces art museum and private exhibition inviting in Uiryeong art village  from 2000to 2002.
  • Repin academy drawing study exhibition that open at Adamseu gallery did participation in 1997.
    Gumi art young man artist meeting exhibition from 1998 so far participate.
    Gumi area meeting exhibition of Korean art association from 2001 so far participate.
    I am participating so far from 1998 in appetite art fair.
    I participated at 2001 and 2002 in southern part modern art fair.
    Exhibition of cage members from 1997 so far participate.
    Interchange exhibition of artists who is belonged to Gumi, Namwon, Asan's area from 2001 so far participate.
    Ojjeusi of Japan and Korea's appetite city took part in exhibition that sponsored area artists communicate.
    took part in meeting exhibition of Gumi native place artists.
  • Present is lecturing art in appetite association which is belonged to Samsung groove plus culture center and area social education conference. Was given authority of inspection of appetite area meeting who was belonged to Korean art association and Gumi art young man artist meeting, and is belonged to Korean art association.

 Dasoul Lee suk son

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